UP FOTOThe Institute of Geography at Pedagogical University of Cracow in Poland is located on the 4-th and 5-th floor of the main university building in Kraków, at 2 Podchorążych street.

Recently, we celebrate its 70th anniversary of research and teaching geography students (bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree). For several years we have also graduated from tourism and recreation (bachelor’s and master’s degree), and from spatial management (engineering degree). Currently, the Institute employs more than 70 academic teachers including 18 professors.

In this academic year, we educate approximately 615 students.

We cooperate with numerous universities in Europe for Erasmus Plus, and also have partnerships with universities outside Europe (eg. in Mexico, Kenya and Nepal).

The Institute’s employees engage in many research projects; they are authors of numerous publications (scientific and tourism publications, textbooks for various types of schools and for tourist guides), as well as articles in international and Polish scientific journals. The Institute has organised numerous scientific conferences focused on geography and entrepreneurship and published many scientific papers and periodicals. Apart from Library, the Institute is proud of its extensive Cartographic  Collection (traditional and digital) and   its   computer   and   geographic information system lab, and provides a free Wi-Fi Internet access to employee and   students, also to full-text data bases of electronic publications.